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Fundraising Event 07-01-2022, Copenhagen, Denmark
Friday the 7th of January we had a great fundraising event at the lovely Hotel Skt. Petri in the heart of Copenhagen.

Our Founder and CEO Kevin Yunai presented the BACD Token concept to the attending people along with the release of our new merchandise collection.

Crypto & Private Equity

When investing in the BACD Token, you automatically invest in numerous growth companies, digital assets and protocols. Just like an ETF, just smarter, more secure and more compliant.

Compliant and Effective 

Blockchain ensures transparency of transactions – but keeps at the same time the privacy of the involved parties.

Always On 

While traditional assets can only be traded during specific office hours, BACD tokens can be traded around the clock 365 days a year, eliminating inefficiencies in the market.


How It Works
You buy the BACD token with fiat or listed crypto.

We reinvest the amount into BACKED - a portfolio of selected other cryptos - and if you choose, private equity.

This to diversify your investment and to control risk.
You receive dividends directly into your wallet.

You can follow your investment live. You can exit your digital asset investment at any time.
We do recommend 1 year time horizon as the minimum.

For private equities the time horizon is 2-3 years.

It’s that simple.


Buy BACD - Soon here

Performance tracking

Main Fund & Early Stage fund performance
01.08.21 - 31.10.21


*Past performance does not necessarily mean same performance in the future
Portfolio Strategies
Store of value crypto
Selected Alt Coins
Non-fungible Tokens - NFT's
Crypto Mining - PoW
Private Equity
Real Estate



Pre Sale
Pre sale started


Exchange Listings
Initial preparations started for listing on selected exchanges


Soft Launch
Minimum viable product




Complete BACKED concept ready


Global Launch
Global roll-out,
multi exchange listing, DeFi listings etc.

Access to unique investments

Diversified investment strategy
BACKED is a community driven fundraising and investment eco-system, focusing on digital assets, growth companies, real estate and commodities.

Main Fund
The Main Fund is a digital asset alternative investment fund with long-term buy and hold strategy of dominant protocols and with short, hedge and fiat positions, when a conclusion of a hype cycle is expected.

Early Stage

The Early Stage Fund invests in growth stage companies, defined as companies, who can present acceptable, monthly cash-flows and turnovers, have groundbreaking offerings, technologies and a professional, proven management and board of directors.

Choose your plan
BACKED have put together different investment packages to comply with the different investor profiles' individual passions and strategies.


Hard cap
60.5M+ BACD distributed
100+ investors already
Instant Settlement
Crypto investment
Solid cases
VIP Support
BUy token
We love diversified investments
With the purchase of BACD token you are secured ownership in various growth companies and crypto assets in a diversified portfolio
100 percent compliant
Our compliance team, partners, board of directors and community is ensuring full compliance as described in details in White Paper.
Community based decisions
We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us with whatever question you might have
Always on
Money never sleeps, neither does the BACKED Community who is on all SoMe platforms
Sweat equity
Everyone can become an investor in BACKED.
Talent is the currency of the future.
Friendly Support
We are here to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out on our contact page if you have any questions.


As a BACKED investor you'll get all the tools needed for ensuring your investments are right on track.

BACKED on the Ethereum Blockchain

Verified Contract Source Code

Verified Source code on Etherscan - click here

1. Contract type: ERC-20 standard Token

2. Environment: Ethereum Main platform

3. Contract Address: 0x9aae1D486E0b61F3A45a2804Ae1

Etherscan Address URL link - click here

ERC20 token explorer

Etherscan- click here

Ethplorer - click here

Your own full token (proof) - click here

Etherdelta Technical Listing - click here

Forkdelta Technical listing - click here

*BACKED is currently fully operational on the Ethereum Blockchain.
We have now completed Smart Contract version 2, that is upgradable and will include: Multi chain wrappers (Ethereum, Concordium, Solana, Polygon, Tron, Binance Smart Chain), automatic dividend distribution, locked liquidity pool in USDC and much more.

Fair distribution


Token distribution
NB! Founders and advisors are subject to a 12 months vesting period

BACKED works on Trust Wallet & MetaMask

The most trusted & secure crypto wallets
Allows you to store, send, receive and exchange different cryptocurrencies with a single account.

Trust Wallet & MetaMask support many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Binance Coin and now also BACKED.

Download your wallet today below:
Trust Wallet

Invest with us

A portfolio of growth companies

When you buy a BACD token you automatically invest and become owner of a portfolio of growth companies, crypto assets and other asset classes.

BACKED has been given the mandate to orchestrate the sale of several portfolios of hotels for institutional investors and has established a Real Estate Committee to strengthen our position in this regard.

NEVER has an investment been easier, faster and more transparent.

*NB! As some of the Real Estate portfolios are off market, and cannot be showed here .
Institutional investors can request to see the off market portfolios by filling out the contact form on the
contact page

connect with us

The BACKED Community

When you enter into the BACKED eco-system you also get all of our communities included in the package!

One for ALL - ALL for one!

Invest with us

A portfolio of NFT'S

When you buy a BACD token you automatically invest and become owner of a portfolio of growth companies, crypto assets and other asset classes.

As such also NFT's - Non Fungible Tokens - a token -'digital immutable item' - that only exists in one copy on a blockchain near you.

Whether it be a digital pet like a Crypto Kitty on Ethereum, a new TLD on Namebase or the coolest and best in-game weapon found via our partners from PIKO Crypto's platform.

BACKED is always on the look out for new NFT's to invest in as part of a diversified portfolio.

The opinions are many about NFT's, but one thing is certain - they are inevitable and here to stay!

Our own in-house NFT artist Kaiwan Shaban ('iamKaiwan')
has created this unique and beautiful NFT art for us.


- always shows it's face!

We strive to be as transparent and open as possible.

We ALWAYS go by our full names, LinkedIn profiles and we list our direct email-adresses and official company registry data.

We enter into as many AMA sessions, conferences and live interviews as humanly possible.
Meet the Makers

Board of Directors

Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm

Lawyer and Investor

Jonas Andersson

Compliance Officer

Howard Kim

Executive Director

Rolf Poulsen

Professor at University of Copenhagen

Kevin Yunai

Founder of BACKED

James Ditmore

Former COO Danske Bank

David Skovmand

Professor at University of Copenhagen

Anders Kaasgaard

Former partner at DLA Piper Denmark

Real Estate Committee

Jørgen Andreasen Hedegreen

Business Development

Martin Juncher

Business Development & Real Estate Director

Ashton Kent

Business Development & Real Estate Director

Asad Khan

Business Development & Real Estate Director
Meet the supporters

Advisory Board

Lars Schjødt

LLM, Lawyer

Rikke Staer

CCO at Coinify ApS

Anders Hviid

SoMe Advisor

Kevin Onyeka

Investment Manager

Jennifer Baarsby

Creative Director

Jørgen Andreasen Hedegreen

Investor Relations

Tobias Andersen

Crypto Professional

Aurelio Landolt

Strategic Investment Advisor

Mohammad Khonbat Lauritsen

Technical Analyst

Christian Dideriksen

Compliance Advisor

Geoffrey Weli-Wosu

Business Analyst Consultant

Volodymyr Parypsa

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel Cappiello

Senior Blockchain Advisor

Claus Skanning


Steen Vallentin

Professor at CBS


Amanda Klein

Mobile App Unit Responsible

Nelle Arnfred

Designer & BACKED Merch Responsible

Pernille Krüger

Designer & BACKED Merch Responsible

Charlie Montague Miller

Wealth Manager

Alexander Pahlett

Investment Manager

Shawn Lawrence

Innovation and Scalability Expert, BACKED COO

Simon Belinfante


Emma Kirstine Munkebo


Jesper Wriedt


Daniel Farcas


Ionuț Bogdan Harnagea


Sergiu Constantin Harnagea

What You Get with Backed

BACKED Features

Math driven investments

We use math to calculate the optimal mixes between asset classes and to diversify our portfolio- from private equity to real estate to blockchain, Bitcoin, NFT and selected Alt coins.

Exponential concepts for rapid growth

We tokenize our portfolio company shares so our investors can invest in them with few clicks  and we promote it through exponential Proof of Work concept.

Diversified investment strategies

With 2 crypto funds, a private equity investment strategy - with real estate focus - and risk management we believe that we have found the optimal investment strategy.

Long term Bitcoin investments

To understand more about how we invest in Bitcoin download our book ’Bitcoin - A new form of money’.

Professional investment dashboards

We are currently building the investor dashboards to show our investors' how their portfolio performs. +100K investors gets the BACKED investment Kit.

More information? 

We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions .

New to crypto? 

Do not worry - our onboarding team will guide you through the process.
Please write us an email