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Your access to Real World Tokenization for both tokenizers and investors.

The future of investments and public trading will be highly depending on Real World Tokenization, which makes it easier, faster and cheaper than ever to go public with any asset of interest.

BACD Solutions


The BACD state of the art tokenization platform making it possible to tokenize any asset of interest. The platform also include compliance, white paper, listing and governance.

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The BACD exchange platform for listing of all tokenization platform. Through this exchange it is possible to trade any tokenized project of interest using the BACD2 utility token.

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BACD Voting system

The highly specialized voting system, making it possible for every investor to have a say in which projects BACD should tokenize and bring to market. This ensures the best possible projects make it into the ecosystem.

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BACD2 Utility Token

The highly specialized BACD utility token, used for all trading for any tokenization project on the MINTX platform. This token is also publicly listed on PancakeSwap and soon CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko.
Total 100M, burned 1M, current 99M.

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BACD2 Contract

DEX: Pancakeswap
: ContractProxy
Contract: 0xc96Ebbc3b3158aAb69312e89fe04C9Cd192BeE01
Tokens: 99m, Tax: 4% buy, 6% sell, 0% transfer (1% burn on buy and sell)
Audit: See here
Github: See here

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BACD Introduces a First-Ever Private Equity Token

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BACD Introduces a Private Equity Token

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Alternative Investment Fund BACD Secures Their Liquidity Pool From One of Denmark’s Largest Maritime Investors

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BACD USA launches world’s most advanced investment token BACD

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BACD launches private equity token

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Massive potential for investors

Asset Tokenization A Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity: JP Morgan, Blackrock, And Goldman Sachs Think So.

Bain Capital estimates the notional value of private assets outside the financial system at around $540 trillion. However, the current tokenized assets amount to only $77 billion, representing a market penetration of merely 0.01%. This highlights the substantial market potential for investors as these assets become more accessible through tokenization.

A $16.1 trillion market

A newly-published report by global consulting firm BCG and ADDX, the digital exchange for private markets, forecasts that asset tokenization will expand into a US$16.1 trillion business opportunity by 2030. This growth comes as the crypto winter is prompting capital to focus on more viable blockchain use cases.

The projected growth in tokenization of assets is driven by demand from a wide range of investors for greater access to private markets. Tokenization and fractionalization of assets lower barriers to investment in private markets by sharply reducing minimum lot sizes.

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