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The future of trading

With the BACD2 utility token, you get access to the first ever full end-to-end trading ecosystem of RWA tokenization projects, that you would never be able to trade without the BACD solutions.

Invest in high-end Real Estate projects, Non-public Private Equity, Luxury Yachts, Art and many more assets from all over the world.

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BACD2 a future of investing

By holding the BACD2 token, you are set on a ride to win as the token has been developed to maximize the investors ROI on every investment. With a launch date in March 23, the BACD2 utility token has a massive opportunity for growth. While the token will grow with more investors, the tokenized project you invest into will pay a yearly interest of 5-20%. But it doesn't end here, you will also get reflections on every single buy and sell of both the BACD2 and the tokenized projects.

All 100.000.000 tokens were circulated from day 1 and the team has no BACD2 locked for itself. While this is the case, the Liquidity Pool is also locked for 199 years to secure the investors.The BACD2 tokenomics have been developed to secure the investors and maximize the value for holding longer.

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Get paid by holding BACD2

Every trade of the BACD2 token pays reflections back to the holders every month. The reflection amount will depend on your total holding out of the total amount of BACD2 available.

With the burn functionality the amount of circulating BACD2 is becoming lower every single day and therefore the value per BACD2 rise. Today about 1.3m BACD2 tokens have been burned and the total amount left is 98.7m BACD2.

We know this is not simple, but the complexity is needed to secure your investment as much as possible and bring you the best possible ROI

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Making the complex, easy

To simplify the complex, we have developed an overview here below:

  • You decide to invest 1.000 USD into the BACD2 and BACD ecosystem
  • You invested in 100.000 BACD2 at 0.01 USD
  • 4% tax will be applied for purchase making it 96.000 BACD2
  • You invest 50% in Real Estate and 50% in Private Equity
  • Both pay 8% APY interest rate
  • You receive 40.000 BACD2 from reflections from trading volume
  • The BACD2 has in the meantime moved from 0.01 to 0.05 in value

Your account now holds 143.680 BACD2 which has a value of 7.184 USD A total of 718.4% ROI in 1 year.

The flexibility you need

Normally when investing into Real Estate and other assets, you may be locked to your investment for multiple years. With BACD we have made it possible for you to sell your tokens at any point in time.

This means that you can move from on tokenization project to another within a few clicks. You can also sell your BACD2 and transfer back to Fiat within minutes.

This gives you both the best possible ROI and an optimal flexibility during your investment period.

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BACD2 Contract

DEX: Pancakeswap
: ContractProxy
Contract: 0xc96Ebbc3b3158aAb69312e89fe04C9Cd192BeE01
Tokens: 99m, Tax: 4% buy, 6% sell, 0% transfer (1% burn on buy and sell)
Audit: See here
Github: See here


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Security & White paper

BACD care about transparency and security, therefore, you can find all information
about our documentation and information in our white paper below.

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