BACKED Voting System

A decentralized democracy

Introducing the BACKED voting system for consensus driven
investment & governance

In the BACKED equilibrium consensus is the main driver for a balanced and sustainable investment concept. All investors have a say and can cast a vote. The governing bodies, like The Investment Committee or the Board of Directors have a stronger say on the investments, than the rest of the investors and community, but the investors as well as The BACKED Community can always veto any suggestions put forth.


Vote on everything from investments to new platform features

The BACKED voting system is investor and community driven. Like water must flow so must good ideas and improvements and BACKED believes in constantly adapting to client needs and community feedback to constantly improve and fine tune.

BUY token
CONSENSUS driven democracy

The more BACD, the more
voting power

The more BACD tokens you have, the more decision power you have in the elections. This however, does not mean, that you as small investors cannot win a given election.

BUY token
voting system

Corporate governance made easy

Say "yes 👍🏻" or "no 👎🏻"
- just like the emperors in ancient Rome...

BACKED is data driven and base all it's decisions on data. Data from The Board, data from investors and data from The Community. By introducing elections, voting mechanisms, change request and alerts, BACKED ensures a diligent and compliant governance, where the different organs in the eco-system live in balance with each other, as everybody governs and monitors each other, which ultimately results in all parties winning.

100% agile

With such agile governance tools, BACKED is able to swiftly adapt to any market situation, political barrier thus eliminating risks and optimizing profits and at the same time obtain balance in the BACKED eco-system.

Instant adoption to new regulations

BACKED works with regulators, authorities and governments, to constantly improve the BACKED offerings.

You have the control

With BACKED, you have control of your investments. We have created a perfect investment universe driven by community talent monitored and operated by advanced software.

Welcome to BACKED!