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BACD.IO Dividends

When you invest in BACD.io dividends are airdropped back to your wallet. In the following, we will describe the different types of dividends BACD.io offers.

Dividends features

Passive income streams through BACD2 dividends

You are always welcome to contact BACD.io if you have any further questions regarding dividends.


Fair share dividends

Token amount determines the total dividend distribution

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  • Dividends in Ethereum

  • Receive according to allocation

  • The more tokens, the more dividend


Democratic dividends

Dividends are divided equally, according to total amount of BACD2 wallet holders

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  • Dividends in Ethereum

  • Receive same dividends no matter what you have invested

  • NFTS

  • Extra BACD2 tokens

  • Receive dividends without being BACD2 investor (eg charity)


Extraordinary dividends

In special instances,BACD.io sends extraordinary dividends to all BACD2 investors

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  • Dividends in Ethereum

  • Receive when eg BACD2 portfolio exit or other events

  • Airdrops

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