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BACD.IO Fee Structure:
2/20, 3/30, 4/40

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Management fees

BACD.IO takes a 2 percent management fee per year of the total investment. The 98 percent is allocated directly into high performing asset classes. BACD.IO takes 20 up to 40 percent of the profit, depending on the asset and risk associated with the asset class.

Investment as a service

Investors can choose to invest per interval, for example 1 time per month or choose to make a one time allocation.

Increase Alpha amount

Profits can either be withdrawn as FIAT or paid in crypto - or investors can choose to reinvest the profit to maximize Alpha amount.


Investors can choose to let BACD.IO handle all investments, to invest in cooperation, or entirely manage investment by themselves.


I choose to invest myself

"When I decided to invest with BACD.IO, I chose the "ME" plan, as I invest by myself only. I chose to invest in the Soteria Health GmbH case, as I strongly believe the PPE market is here to stay and don't really understand crypto"

Peter Tchierky
bacd app
bacd app
INVEST 24-7-365

Money never sleeps

You can trade private equity and digital assets around the clock 365 days a year with the BACD.IO platform. After KYC and AML is conducted, you are good to go.

New to investing in digital assets?

Many listed stock investors are hesitant when it comes to investing in digital assets. We here give the best practices in investing in digital assets

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