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With the Investor Kit you have total control over your private equity and digital asset portfolio.
Dashboards, Voting Systems, Everything!


Perfect Governance

No matter the size of the investment you have a say in which cases will invest.
Investors with larger BACD2 token holdings have VETO rights and if a large percentage of the community declines a case the committee cannot invest in that given case.


Invest in high performance asset classes around the clock

No disrespect to stock market investors, but at we like to invest, where we have control. Where we matter. Where we can make a difference. Where hard work and good advice pays off. Where ROI is higher - but also risk is a little bit higher too. It is okay, that most of the stock market investors do not understand or believe in digital assets and private equity. They will eventually learn to diversify their portfolio to include these asset classes as well.
When they do, the investors will profit even more.


Sign up as a professional investor and start receiving perks from us. All investors have to complete KYC & AML checks before investing and are subject to continuous due diligence after onboarding.

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KING CRYPTO HODL creates the world's smartest blockchain investment ecosystem, providing investors with guaranteed returns from numerous activities.

Quentina Clark

Woww...been seeing this project @BACDdotIO for a while now, It's sure going to be a good project. Good call @pinkecosystem


These are amazing projects for the fact they got featured on #Bitkeep But I'm personally rooting for @BACDdotIO in the aforementioned. Speak highly of how unique the project is. Let's see what the future hold for this promising gem #cryptocurrency#Bitcoin


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*Purchasing investor kits are optional and only for maximal investor user experience.
Investor kits consists of Apple hardware and software.
The software can be accessed from any device - also investors' current hardware.
Purchase price is added to investment size and invoiced separately.

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What’s included?
  • 1 Apple iWatch

  • 1 MacBook Pro

  • Preinstalled software

  • iPhone 12

  • Apple Screen


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One time fee

Order Today
What’s included?
  • 1 Apple iWatch

  • 1 MacBook Pro

  • Preinstalled software

  • iPhone 12

  • Apple Screen

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if you have any questions about our pricing plans.
We're here to help.
Oh, and don’t forget to check the FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many years of guarantee do I have on my hardware?

Apple offers a 3 years product guarantee on all Apple products

What if the market crashes? monitors the markets closely and have stop loss mechanisms implemented to prevent dramatic losses. Markets are volatile and we look at 4-5 years performance horizons. Investors should be ready to HODL for longer periods of time.

Can I join the team?

Yes you can. Please check the 'Proof of Stake Community' for new job positions.

How do I report taxes of my digital asset profits?

We have access to tax advisors, who can guide you according to the local taxation rules in your jurisdiction.

Taxation varies from country to country.

Write us at to get your hands on our Tax Guide and to let us put your in contact with the correct persons.

When can I exit as shareholder?

You can exit as shareholder on all investments made in digital assets immediately.

Private Equity is less liquid and high risk high reward investment and you are not guaranteed to exit on your shares in short time. However, private equity can be sold on 2nd market places as well as to existing shareholders if an investor at any given one time wants out. Investing in private equity is a long term investment.

How do you prevent 'pump and dump'? have introduced several concepts to prevent 'pump and dump' of the BACD2 tokens. No individual nor organisation can hold a too large of an amount of BACD2 tokens. On top of that we demand, that investors, founders and advisors enter into a 12 months vesting period to help stabilise the token price.

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