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A portfolio of growth companies

When you invest in BACD.IO, you become a fractional owner of some of the world's most promising growth cases


A portfolio of growth companies

When you buy a BACD2 token, you automatically invest and become the owner of a portfolio of growth companies, crypto assets, and other asset classes.

BACD.IO has been given the mandate to orchestrate the sale of several portfolios of hotels for institutional investors and has established a Real Estate Committee to strengthen our position in this regard. NEVER has an investment been easier, faster and more transparent.

Note: As some of the Real Estate portfolios are off market, and cannot be showed here . Institutional investors can request to see the off market portfolios by filling out the contact form on the contact page

32 DAO

Formed with the vision of buying 32 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and disrupting the NFT space. First DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) project to enter the NFT space with its core goal of buying 32 BAYC NFTs for the community (through our 32DAO Membership Pass event) and build a groundbreaking ecosystem. Being a 32DAO Membership holder you will be eligible to have a % of the ownership of 32 Bored Apes depending on the amount of Membership Passess you are holding. Each membership pass equals X amount of voting power on future proposals and comes with unlimited benefits in the 32DAO ecosystem. This means we each get to decide within the ecosystem, and we all benefit from the abundance we create with it.

Sneaks Service

Sneaks Service is a team of specialists, that picks up your messy shoes and brings them back to life. We make luxury look luxury again. The best part is, that you don’t have to do anything. We pick up, clean them, fix them and deliver them freshly back to your doorsteps in no time! Sneaks Service is a first mover with this type of service. Sneaks Service will be of your assistance 7 days a week. Quick and simpel nationwide service.


MyRelations+ is an app that aims to connect people of different genders and sexualities from all around the world. This app has several different features not seen before in the dating industry. MyRelations+ is not exclusively a dating app, it is a relation app. As one of our unique features, we are also the first to have a crypto-payment option.


Dragoni Technology LTD has developed, owns and manages a full stack, multi platform, suite of products in the esports betting space. Operating under our motto "Watch, Learn, Bet", our product offering is based around giving esports fans the tools to fully explore their fandom. This comes from offering multiple live streams per match (Watch) to the data and social engagement features (Learn) and the interactive betting engine (Bet). We are fully licensed in Great Britain by the gambling commission, and are seeking investment to invest further in our product offering, and take full advantage of our identified marketing channels.

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A portfolio of NFT'S

When you buy a BACD2 token you automatically invest and become owner of a portfolio of growth companies, crypto assets and other asset classes. As such also NFT's - Non Fungible Tokens - a token -'digital immutable item' - that only exists in one copy on a blockchain near you. Whether it be a digital pet like a Crypto Kitty on Ethereum, a new TLD on Namebase or the coolest and best in-game weapon found via our partners from PIKO Crypto's  platform.

BACD.IO is always on the look out for new NFT's to invest in as part of a diversified portfolio. The opinions are many about NFT's, but one thing is certain - they are inevitable and here to stay!

Our own in-house NFT artist Kaiwan Shaban has created this unique and beautiful NFT art for us.

bacd nft collection

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