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Why tokenization

In the current market it can be extremely demanding and difficult to raise capital and even more complex to go public on an IPO. Imagine a future where you can raise capital and list your company for public trading within a few weeks.

BACD is making this a reality. With the end-to-end RWA tokenization and listing solutions it is easier than ever to raise capital and go public through large blockchain communities. The solutions are fully KYC and compliance validated with full Smartcontract, Tokenomics and Whitepaper delivery.

BACD is here to help

New to blockchain and RWA tokenization, don't worry, we have an expert team who bring you through the full end-to-end tokenization, smartcontract, tokenomics and whitepaper process. We can also support with setting up the right community channels, marketing exposures, DEX and CEX listing.

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VC and Private Equity

Traditionally, investing in private companies or venture capital funds has been reserved for accredited investors and institutions.

However, tokenizing real-world assets in the form of equity shares brings innovation to this space. Startups can raise capital by selling tokens that represent equity in their retail ventures, opening up opportunities for investors to participate in early-stage investments.

Tokenization also enables easier and faster transfer of ownership, allowing investors to exit their investments more smoothly than in traditional private equity markets.

Biggest Tokenization market

“We forecast $4 trillion to $5 trillion of tokenized digital securities and $1 trillion of distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based trade finance volumes by 2030,” the firm's analysts said.

Of the up to $5 trillion tokenized, the bank estimates $1.9 trillion will come in the form of debt, $1.5 trillion from real estate, $0.7 trillion from private equity and venture capital and between $0.5-1 trillion from securities.

The research suggests that private equity and venture capital funds will become the most tokenized asset class, capturing 10% of its total addressable market, with real estate coming in next at 7.5%.

Private equity markets will likely see faster adoption rates because of their favorable liquidity, transparency and fractionalization properties, the bank said.

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