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Tokenize your project

Why tokenization

In today's market, finding buyers and investors for Real Estate projects or larger communities can be extremely demanding.

This is mainly due to high interest rates and bank requirements to support projects. With BACD it is possible to list your Real Estate project on the blockchain through the BACD RWA tokenization solutions.

With the BACD solutions, you get access to end-to-end services, including smartcontract, tokenomics, whitepaper and listing on DEX & CEX.

BACD is here to help

Get your project live on the blockchain in only a few weeks and get access to massive communities with frictionless trading opportunities.
Is this your first listing of a Real Estate project, don't worry, we have we have an expert team who bring you through the full end-to-end tokenization, smartcontract, tokenomics and whitepaper process.

We can also support with setting up the right community channels, marketing exposures, DEX and CEX listing.Want to know whether your Real Estate project is a fit for RWA tokenization?

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A new way for Real Estate

The real estate can be tokenized whether it is commercial, residential or trophy. Expensive commercial properties such as shopping complexes and malls could be cut into fractional slices, making investments affordable. Apartments in multi-story residential towers can also be tokenized, facilitating quick sales and purchases. One could liquidate their trophy asset through tokenization while raising funds for projects.

Biggest Tokenization market

The core idea of real-world asset tokenization is basically to create a virtual investment vehicle on the blockchain linked to tangible things like real estate, precious metals, art and collectibles. So instead of the deed to a house being a physical piece of paper, the ownership is put on-chain. This could be traded between two parties directly, or fractionalized and offered to many people to buy.
The advantages of keeping the ownership of the real-world items on chain are many:

- It lowers costs by removing middlemen like lawyers, brokers, banks, etc.
- It allows fast, efficient 24/7 trading of items that traditionally only could be done during “working hours”
- It lowers the barrier to entry and creates more liquidity
- Its transparent process increases trust and accountability for traders

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