Investing in digital assets and private equity involves risk

We urge all investors to carefully do their own due diligence before investing with BACKED. In our White Paper we have carefully outlined some of the risks associated with investing in digital assets and private equity. BACKED uses risk diversification to minimize investment risk.
Private EQUITY

How to DD

When looking into investing in private equity we first take a look at team, management, board and owner profiles to understand what profiles they are. Hereafter, we look at the idea, the market, the potential and the probability of success and the teams' ability to execute. Most cases will get rejected, few will get funding.

Digital Assets

An attractive asset class

Digital Assets are the asset classes of the future. Institutional investors as well as funds and private investors are starting to shift towards digital assets for high performance yields on their investments. BACKED is expert in digital assets and extremely connected in the industry resulting in better investment decisions

Convertible loans & other instruments

Minimizing risk,
Maximizing profits

BACKED uses a variety of financial instruments to optimize percentages of portfolios; convertible loans being one of the main tools. It allows us to present results for investors but at the same time help the growth companies become more valuable.


Risk management

For all portfolio companies and digital assets, BACKED understands the risks and exposures and can therefore act with speed and precision to eliminate most of these risks.

The Team

Risks are calculated by scientists and presented to The Board and The Investment Committee.

The Crowd

We use the BACKED community to measure
trends and sentiment and add the data to our decision making.

Portfolio risk
Scenario Analysis
Security Valuation
Asset Allocation Analysis
Cash Flow Analysis
Trend Analysis
Investor behaviour