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Introducing the BACD.IO voting system for investors

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All investors have a say and can cast a vote.

In the BACD.IO equilibrium consensus is the main driver for a balanced and sustainable investment concept. The governing bodies, like The Investment Committee or the Board of Directors, have a stronger say on the investments, than the rest of the investors and community, but the investors, as well as The BACD.IO Community, can always veto any suggestions put forth.

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Vote on everything from investments to new platform features

The BACD.IO voting system is investor and community driven. Like water must flow so must good ideas and improvements and BACD.IO believes in constantly adapting to client needs and community feedback to constantly improve and fine tune.

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The more BACD, the more
voting power

The more BACD2 tokens you have, the more decision power you have in the elections. This however, does not mean, that you as small investors cannot win a given election.

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Examples of elections

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Elections and votings

Any role in the BACD.IO eco-system (investor, partner, community member etc.) can create an "election". In any given election the community can vote. A vote can be yes, no or blank. Votes can be cast publicly or anonymously.

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Dashboard view

BACD.IO will post the results of any given election in the Investor Dashboard.

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In special situations, eg. outbreak of a pandemic, dramatic changes in market conditions or similar, each of the governing bodies can issue alerts to the BACD.IO eco-system and have special elections and votings.


Veto explained

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What is Veto

VETO is Latin and means 'I prohibit' - meaning the right to say 'NO'. Veto is a right given to The BACD.IO Investment Committee. The Committee can refuse to invest in a given case, even if investors vote for it. This is to fx. protect the investors in certain market bubbles or during other insecure events.

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Community Vetos

The Community can also veto a given investment case however good the ROI might be. An example could be an investment in polluting companies or in weapons .

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Large investor vetos

Investors with large BACD2 tokens holdings are also given a veto right for any given investment, even if BACD.IO investment committee accepts the investment.

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